Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose
Maggie is one of the Great Apes living at the Center for Great Apes in Wachula, Florida. She lives in a group of five adolescent chimpanzees… all retired from the entertainment world when they were still juveniles. Like many others at the sanctuary, Maggie worked for several years and appeared in a number of commercials and television shows, including the Tonight Show, until she became too large and dangerous to work around the public.

She arrived at the sanctuary in March 2005 with her younger siblings, Bella & Mowgli and now lives with Bella, Ellie, and twins Jonah & Jacob. Maggie spends most of her time in the company of the other females in the group – grooming, playing, and resting with them. She loves to clean the other chimpanzees’ faces, wiping their eyes, picking their noses, even cleaning out their ears. Even as an adolescent, Maggie is the most mature individual in her group. She is often seen up in the cupola or in the chutes just watching the others at play. 

Maggie is shy around people and only gives her friendship when she truly trusts someone. But she does enjoy playing a game with her caregivers, where she points at a spot and wants them to run to it. She could play that game all day. And, she also enjoys having her nails filed by the caregiver staff... sometimes taking the emery board and filing her own nails. Maggie is very tidy and likes to wash her hands in the hose.

Ape Art
She loves building nests with boxes, browse, and blankets... and usually has her nest made, lying in it ready to go to sleep, even before the staff leaves the building at night. Maggie is a hearty eater, devouring everything given to her, and yet is still tall and thin. She eagerly participates in all enrichment activities and is an expert at "fishing" for treats. Maggie loves to paint, and some of the most colorful paintings by the apes have been Maggie’s.

Maggie would love to be adopted by you! She and all the other Apes at the sanactuary depend on the generosity of others to help provide for their care. If you want to help you can contact The Center for Great Apes


  1. We love Maggie!! Our family has adopted Maggie and Toddy. We get so much joy with the updates about her and Toddy. We are so thankful to Marion Abrose who introduced us to this wonderful place. When you read the stories about all of the apes it breaks your heart. We all loved watching the chimps on tv, but when we found out exactly what happened to them when they got older or how they were taken away from their mothers at such a young age, it really inspired us to contribute and become a advocate for these beautiful creatures. Go on the website and you will fall in love!! It is truly inspiring!!

  2. I love the Orangutans! They're so big and furry, I'd love to hug one!