Friday, December 2, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Prince William is being hailed a hero around the globe after piloting the Royal Air Force helicopter that rescued two Russian sailors in the Irish Sea. The cargo ship which suffered a cracked hull in gale force winds is still missing several crew members.

Prince William, known as Flight Lieutenant William Wales to his crew mates, serves in the Royal Air Force as his “day job”, a dangerous occupation for a future King. He has expressed a desire to remain active in the Air Force even after his term of service is over. Prince William spent 19 months training as a search and rescue pilot, qualifying in September of last year. He has been flying operational missions since then, and in another two years will rise to the rank of captain. He is to be posted to the Falkland Islands next year as part of his training. This has angered Argentinean politicians, who William has “put in their place” concerning exactly who owns the Falkland Islands in the past. Argentina still claims ownership causing the U.K. and Argentina to fight a brief conflict 30 years ago.

This is not the first story of William’s heroics. He and his crew flew their SeaKing helicopter into a remote area of North Wales in May, to save retired British Judge Nick Barnett. Barnett, 70 years old, had suffered a heart attack while hiking in the mountains. The Prince delayed his own honeymoon to participate in the rescue which transported Judge Barnett to the hospital, saving his life.
Unfortunately, in all my research I have been unable to find the names of the fellow crew members who, with Prince William, rescued the stranded sailors. They are all heroes and should be recognized as such. I’m sure Flight Lieutenant William Wales would agree.

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