Monday, November 28, 2011


Have you seen Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge? She’s drop dead gorgeous! Now, have you seen Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall? She has a horse’s face and hair like white straw. And here’s the clincher – Camilla has been giving beauty advice to Kate! Yes, Camilla has been advising the newest member of the Royal Family on her complexion.  Camilla has been a client of beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell, who treats her regularly with her £165 bee sting facial, hailed as a ‘non-surgical facelift’ – the organic alternative to Botox. The bee venom mask containing about one per cent bee venom, tricks the skin’s surface into thinking it has been stung, increasing its blood flow, collagen and elasticity. 

Mitchell, a former beauty queen, who has won awards for her Heaven skincare range, has been visiting Buckingham Palace and Highgrove to look after Kate’s skin. It’s been reported that Kate has treatments rather than simply buying the products, but does not visit the salons, instead having discreet home visits.
Michell has become a British success story and this year was a finalist in the National Business Awards after securing a £100million contract to sell her treatments and products in 2,500 stores and salons in China. She is now training dozens of British therapists to travel to the Far East to run them.  The contract was certainly a coo for Michell, but nothing in comparison to landing Britain’s new Royal bride as a customer. ‘I’m afraid I cannot talk about that,’ she said.
My advice to the new Duchess of Cambridge: Take a close look at Camilla, then RUN, KATE MIDDLETON, RUN!

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