Thursday, January 12, 2012 you want it?

Tony Walker
Recently Marion posted something nice about things men can do to help their ladies out.
I, being the moron I am, then posted a man's version of that.
Basically my post said just give the man sex & he's happy all the time.
It was a joke but it did spark a serious conversation between a close female friend & myself.
She refused to believe men rely on sex that much.
My stance was not only do men rely on it, but what's wrong with that if they do?
When you love someone, that person excites you right? Don't you want to be naked with that person all the time? Don't you wanna share some intimate moments? Even this pig will admit sex is so much more when there are feelings involved.... it's a wonderful experience, what's wrong with wanting it all the time? Doesn't it give you a better feeling for the rest of the day after doing it? Why does sex always have to be looked at as a dirty thing?
What's better than the one you want more than anybody else wants you back? It's such a fantastic experience.
If that person doesn't want me, it messes up my self esteem in so many ways.
So yes.... sex is very important!!!
Who's with me here?!


  1. Tony....I know for me I let many things get in the way of it happening. I am tired, I am stressed, I am not in the mood. I used to be able to let go, but as I get older I feel that my desire is at an all time low. I really wish they would come out with Viagra for women ;)

  2. Has nothing to do with men vs women. Has to do with attraction. Im not attracted to my girlfriend anymore, so Im not into sex with her.
    "all men want it, all the time"-- simply untrue.