Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DAWNS ASH WEDNESDAY....sorta kinda

Dawn Boyle

So, today is Ash Wednesday....I will go get ashes and attempt to give something up for 40 days. I will also try with everything inside of me to remember no meat on Fridays.

The idea of giving something up that you really like or a habit that you wish to stop is the norm. My kids giving up candy, talking back or actually cleaning up their rooms is the route they take each year and very similar to their mother, they fail.

A few friends have decided that 40 days off Facebook was the way to go, and I wish them all the luck in the world (but hope they don't forget to stop by Delayed Reaction Lounge) or to stop watching the incessant reality shows, which I love and would never even toy with the idea of making it 40 days without those knuckleheads down at the Shore, ALL my housewives (including those with Mob connections) or my newest addiction ~ Revenge.

AND....just about EVERYONE in the land will attempt to get back on the diet/exercise bandwagon for the 10th time since New Years.

This year I have decided to do all of the above, without doing them at all. I am going to give up putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I will attempt to give myself a little room to breath and not be so hard on myself. I am pretty sure that this will be the hardest of all the things I have ever tried to give up in the 41 Lents I have under my belt.

I wish you all luck in whatever you plan on sacrificing over the next 40 days (excluding Sunday - FYI) and would love to hear what you're planning on giving up in our comments below! Maybe something you say you are doing will inspire someone else - maybe even me!


  1. I know this is getting off topic, but why the idea of staying off Facebook for 40 days?
    Why do people act embarrassed or treat Facebook in a negative light?
    You get to stay home with your family while keeping up with old friends... talking to them, laughing with them, sharing photos, etc.
    Dawn, your sacrifice for Lent is one of the best & more realistic ones I've heard. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Tony! I find that I am hardest on myself and really want to change that!

    Like we have wrote about before...facebook can be good or can be VERY evil!

    I wish everyone luck with their sacrifices!