Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Tony Walker

Four months ago I bought phones for my kids. In these short 4 months, these phones have been lost 100 hundred times & now my daughter has broken hers.

I had nothing better to do today but go to the Verizon store to take care of this. But no biggie.... I insured the phones! No problem right? Wrong.
We get to the Verizon store. Verizon.... a company I absolutely love. That was sarcastic.
The woman hands me a pamphlet. "We don't fix phones here. You'll have to call the number on the pamphlet to get the phone replaced, which will cost you $45."
Why $45?? It's insured!
"If you didn't have the insurance it would cost you $200 so you should be happy."
So I wasted my time going there NOW I have to sit on the phone to get the phone replaced? I have to pay $45??? Then I have to spend the time to put the old phone in the box they send, make sure all the proper paperwork is there, find a FedEx store to send it back, & do all this within a week or pay a $500 FINE!!!!
Is this where Corporate America is headed? 
We'll sell you a product. We'll take your money & give you this product. But if it breaks we can't help you. We're only here to take your money. YOU have to handle this problem yourself. If you're upset about this, you can cancel our service but you have to pay a termination fee. Basically we sucked which makes it understandable that you wanna leave us, but you have to pay to leave because we suck.
Will this be the norm 10 years from now? 
I'm disgusted.


  1. I had the same issue with ATT-- and pretty much got the same answer--except no one told me about the $50.00 deductible... they are all the same.

  2. Verizon did the same to us... on a phone that we had paid the ins. on for nearly the full 2 years of the contract... They still wanted $45! So, when I asked if we could just do the upgrade since we were do close, they said said NO because the upgrade date was too far off... 2 months or so left on a 2 year contract. If they weren't the best price around for our family's needs they would get the boot! Sucks being caught in a spot like this!

  3. The replacement phone isn't usually new, either, but a refurbished phone.
    Check to make sure that the new one doesn't contain any inappropriate pics from the last owner.

    I'm with Verizon and have an ancient phone that makes calls and can take a postage stamp sized picture of blurs. So old it's out of contract, I dread the day I need to upgrade and get a data plan and yes, the insurance.

    If you have any problems with the transaction, check over at the website The Consumerist as they have ways of getting problems resolved.

    But I agree with you 100%- why on earth pay $45 for something that has been insured???