Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On this day of love I dedicate this to the one who inspires my writings... 
Who inspires me...  XO
Jillian B. Hart
An adult dinner party to celebrate Valentines day seemed like a good idea at the time.  In retrospect, a party of eight had become quite the crowd. Robbing the early evening of an intimacy made for two.  Especially when her day dreams danced to dark hours of the evening and the sweet treats and hot thoughts that whet her appetite, causing her libido to soar.  She couldn't stand it any longer.

She smiled and winked at him tantalizingly - bending over the table and leaning in towards him enough to provoke attention to the soft mounds of flesh spilling from her clingy v-neck. Grinning to herself knowing the red lace of her push up was certainly playing peek-a-boo from his view.

She twisted her eyes to point seductively down the hallway before turning on her heel and clicking stiletto spikes across the hard wood floor. The noise of festivities fading behind her as she fancied her way to the master bathroom. She went in but left the door unlocked. Ran her fingers through her hair tucking some behind her ears and licking her lips to a shine - as she heard the sound of the knob twist and a second later he was in and had locked the door behind him. She turned away from the mirror to face him and before she could inch towards him, he instantaneously lifted her onto the counter and pressed his mouth to hers. Her heart skipped and then raced.  She returned his kiss with equal intensity and want, parting her full painted lips to invite their tongues to tango soft and deep circles together.  Their bodies gravitating like magnets to one another. As he pushed in closer her short skirt rode up her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Pulling him close enough to feel his hardness pressing against her.  Her pulse rocketed, her hands making fists in his hair as moist heat flooded at the apex of her widely parted legs. His hands roaming her body, petting her bosom and taunting her now firm, hard nipples that begged for attention. She scrambles at his buttons and his shirt fell to the floor.

She pulled at his pants and yanked down the fly. Grabbing him and eagerly inviting him out. He reached under her skirt and was delighted to discover that there were no panties underneath. He lifted her up and parted her swollen flesh with teasing strokes of his manhood. A breathless moan escaped her mouth - the sound dripping with erotic desire, as her arms tightened around him. His hands holding her by the round cheeks of her ass, he hitched her up higher and pressed in, submerging himself, to become fully surrounded by her hot wetness. She gasped with pleasure as he slid deep inside of her. Her legs and arms around his body holding her aloft as she rocked up and down his pulsing rod. She writhed on top of him as he thrust in and out of her. Her moans growing louder as he plunged deeper and deeper. Orgasm pulling at him as her juices were dripped like warm rivers on his thighs and she tighten around him. Harder and faster. His moans now in rhythmic tempo with hers. He purposefully nudged her back against the wall forcing her legs to split further apart, lifting them higher, wanting more. Harder and faster with each stroke. Deeper and more intense he pumped her hard up against the cold tile wall. Her groans mixed with cries of pleading desire. Scorching liquid streamed from her. Her hands tight on his back and her nails slightly dug into him as she felt herself about to slip into erotic rapture. Keenly aware of her mounting climax he hammered into her unrelentingly determined to have her finish all over his throbbing shaft. A raspy voice in his ear, "Come with me!", as she banged her hips against him and a cry of complete ecstasy evaded her lips. Her orgasm ripped through her like a flash of electric current through her veins. She threw her head back and helplessly trembled with pleasure. Her climaxing muscles tightening around him and with one more hard thrust he came into her. Both of them panting for air as she rocked on him to milk every drop, milk every second of this titillating moment, before her body melted onto his and they sank slowly down onto the cool ceramic floor.

He watched her chest rise and fall as they both caught their breath. Their eyes met and they held the glance for a long moment. She once again winked at him as a grin stretched across her face and accented her flushed cheeks.

"We should get back to "dinner" before our guests miss us", he said.

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled his face closer to her, pressing against him with one last long, lingering kiss. Her eyes sparkling as she looked directly into his...

"But, you must promise me seconds later... And be certain to save room for dessert"!

A sexy giggle as she added, "You know how I LOVE DESSERT!"..........


  1. OH MY! PHEW, it's a HOT HOT HOT at DRL tonight!
    Welcome back Jillian - YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!

  2. Agreed!!!
    Definitely missed!!!

    I need to get Boyle to act this story out with me!!!

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  4. Thanks everyone - It's good to be back!
    Hope to have more posts soon..... ;)