Monday, February 6, 2012


Marion Pellicano Ambrose
My niece Katie just moved into her new condo. She’s young, single, beautiful and very, very smart. I wanted to get her a special gift but I was afraid she might not like what I picked out, so I decided to get her a gift certificate to Pier 1. I walked in and started looking around as I wandered over to the register. It was then that I found it – an amazing, wonderful, fun discovery: the tasting party!

Pier 1 had a whole section of classy, colorful, whimsical, and art deco tasting party serving pieces. There were little shot-glass like glasses that fit into a wavy glass rectangle with colorful squiggles running through it, individual spoon-like mini dishes, and little white shell-like cups that fit on rectangular white mini trays. I fell in love with them all! I wound up buying a 3 tier server with the white rectangular plates on each tier and mini shell cups as well as tiny covered serving cups to sit on the plates. I fully intend to go back and collect more of the different sets!

My next step is to actually plan a tasting party. For my first, I’ve decided to have a wine and hors d’oeuvre tasting. Each guest (or couple) will be asked to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and an hors d’oeuvre  to share. I’ll have different serving ware ready if guests need them as well as luncheon sized plated and silverware. I think I’ll have small plastic wine glasses for the tasting, but each guest will also have a regular glass wine glass with a charm so they can have a full glass once they’ve found their favorite. I’ll also supply the dessert, a fabulous theme cake that will serve as a table centerpiece during the party.

 I’m making my own invitations with a picture on the front to give guests an idea of what a tasting party looks like. I’m going to challenge them to bring something no one else will, so we’ll have a good variety of hors d’oeuvres.

I’m planning it for Valentine’s Day so An Evening of Romance will be my theme. Soft lights, candles, romantic music and red roses should set the mood.

I hope my guests will enjoy the party as much as I’m enjoying the planning!

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  1. I followed your advise and had a tasting party. It was a HUGE success. Everyone had a great time and couldn't say enough about all the different things they got to try. I'm heading to Pier 1 to buy some more cute serving pieces so I can have an even bigger one next time.