Thursday, February 9, 2012


TO GIVE OR NOT TO GIVE? That Question shakes things up in some relationships...

Have you heard this line ladies? Anniversaries, Christmas, and now, the sacred holiday of LOVE, Valentine's Day. What cheap son of a bitch cares so little about you that he can't even buy a romantic card and a freaking flower? Don't let him get away with it girls! If he values and cherishes you, it wouldn't matter how poor he is, he'd find a way to get you something to show his love. If he's too lazy and cheap, I say DUMP HIM! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you deserve a cool, caring dolphin inststead of a lazy baracuda or cheap shark!
Valentine's Day is the day to give a visable sign of your love and devotion to another. I think it's important for the lady to remember her lover as well. Get him something that says "I think you're a stud", or "Noone else holds my heart".
Men don't "get it" sometimes with sentimental cards, but they do understand baked goods. Bake his favorite, buy some candy he goes crazy over, make a dinner he can't resist. The time, love and energy you put in will let him know he's #1. (And if he doesn't show up, or shows up empty handed - DUMP HIM!)

Remember ladies - You're only worth what you think you are. If you let him take advantage of your good nature, dislike of conflict, unselfish spirit, then odds are, he will. I know there are exceptions to this rule,like Tony from DRL for example, but there are far too many "slackers" of the male sex when it comes to treating a lady the way she deserves , especially on the few special days of the year that tradition mandates are for her!

Here's hoping your man shows his love and appreciation of you this year. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. How can a guy not "get it" in this day and age?