Thursday, March 29, 2012


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

 People in 42 states plus the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands are all rushing out to by MegaMillions tickets tonight. The jackpot stands at a record $540 million for Friday night's drawing and is likely to soar even higher in the final hours.
You can actually look at the person at the next table at Starbucks, sitting across from you on the subway, or even the coworker at the desk by yours and see them gazing off into space, dreaming of what they would do with half a billion dollars! Of course, you may not have noticed them because you’re off in your own MegaMillions dream world.

 But seriously, let’s think of what it would be like. You’ve won the largest MegaMillions Jackpot in history, and it’s announced on TV, in the papers, on the radio etc. Your name and picture appear to millions of people who wanted to win that money themselves. All of a sudden, every relative you did and did not know you had appears on your doorstep. Every charity, every con man, every scam artist and everyone who thinks you owe them something wants you to give them some of your money. You have to worry about your children being kidnapped, your house being robbed, your life being turned upside down. All this goes along with winning those millions.

 I think I’ve found a solution though. I would wait to cash in my winning ticket until I hired a reputable lawyer and financial advisor. I’d have them tie up most of the money in trusts, CD’s and other safe investments that would insure my husband and I wouldn’t blow it all in a few years like so many people do. I’d make sure my children were taken care of, but they wouldn’t get tons of money at once. They would have to reach milestones, like graduating college, graduate school, starting a job, getting married, having kids etc. This way I wouldn’t be robbing them of the chance to experience the feeling of earning what you work for. I’d secretly pay off mortgages of friends and family, pay tuition for lots of people, donate to my favorite charities, ( if the Center For Great Apes suddenly builds several new habitats, you’ll know I won!) and take my friends and family on  Hawaiian and European Disney cruises staying in the best suites! (of course they’ll know it was me for the cruises!)

 Anyway, even if I don’t beat the something like 1 in 176 million odds of winning, I’m having a great time daydreaming in MegaMillion La La Land! How about you?

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