Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HE SAID.... Ladies I have one word for you...

Tony Walker
I'm a guy. I fart. I fart a lot. I fart all the time.
What's wrong with that??
I can understand not liking the smell. But sometimes there is no smell & almost every time the smell is gone in 2 seconds!
How the hell do you women hold those damn things in? How have you not exploded by now??? There must be some crazy noises going on in the ladies room!!
But here's my thing.... it's a natural function. I do it, you do it, he does it, she does it, even dogs do it. So what?
I admit I am like a 5 year old when it comes to farting. I laugh hysterically at all the crazy noises our asses make. It never gets old either. I've had farting fests with my friends!
Personally I admire a woman who can fart in front of us guys. That means she is comfortable enough around us to do it.
It's symbolic of our close friendship!!
So what's the big deal about farting???

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