Thursday, March 29, 2012


Revised by: Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Snuggling is one of the most enjoyable things any couple can do. It brings you two very close, and tells you a great deal about the relationship. In this day of rushing into intimacy, it seems to have become a lost art. I say, let’s revive the snuggling factor!

First and foremost, you have to try to be a good snuggler. It should come naturally to you. If you've ever been held by your mother or father, or anyone for that matter, you should have the basic idea how to snuggle.

This method is for the girls.

Sit on the same couch/sofa/love seat. You can't snuggle long distances, so get close.

Move your hand closer to his. Holding hands is a great way to start snuggling.

Nuzzle your way closer to your interest. Throughout the movie/TV show get a little bit closer. Have your shoulder press against your potential snugglee. Let them know you are not only okay with touching, but you want him/her to.

Hopefully they've caught on a bit. Move your shoulder on top of his. This lets his arm pass behind your back so he can put his arm around you.

If he is still not catching on, put your head on his shoulder. This is slightly less affectionate, but lets him feel more like the "man." Hopefully he'll put his hand on your back, or side. Snuggle away.

This method is for guys.

Get a duvet or a large blanket big enough for two, wrap it around yourself and sit in the corner of the sofa.

Hold the corners of the duvet/blanket and open your arm as if asking for a hug.

Most girlfriends will gladly jump next to you and snuggle.

Wrap the duvet/blanket around you both for extra comfort.

This is fantastic contact for any couple!

Snuggling is not gender role-defined. Either member can initiate the snuggling.

Little things you can do, to tease or just to add a little something extra to your snuggling. You may not be able to do some of these. It depends on how you've ended up snuggling. Maybe his head is on your lap, maybe you are both sitting with his arm around you. Not all of these will work for every position. Try them out and see what works for you:

Play with his/her hair.

Kiss him/her.

Run your hands down his/her neck.

Rub his back. Give her a little massage. Light circles also are fun.

Pull each other closer. Give each other a little squeeze.

If his arm is at his side, slide your arm under his and hold his forearm or hand.

Simply leaning is a great way to start snuggling. Lay your head on his shoulder if he can hold the weight comfortably.

Enjoy the moment--don't rush through it.

If you're at a scary movie with your guy, act scared. (He'll most likely want to hold you and protect you to make you feel more safe.)

It's okay to drape one leg over his if your relationship is solid enough that you expect his attention.

Even if you aren't sure about putting your legs on his try to play footsies and see if he is receptive to that.

If you are lying down together, rest your head on his/her chest, or put your arms around him/her,

If you don't think you're ready to try all (or some) of this, don't worry. Wait until you're ready - then you can really enjoy it all.

Don't push your way in there. Snuggling requires you to have already broken the touch barrier. If you can't hold hands, snuggling is probably not going to happen.

Don't hurt the guy. And don't let him hurt you. Everyone has their squeeze limit. Know your limits. Snuggling is very intimate and often leads to other more physical things. Don't let him push you to where you aren't comfortable, and don't push him to where he isn't comfortable.

Only apply this to a guy or girl you actually like. NEVER play with a guy's feelings, especially if it's because you want to make someone else jealous. It never ends well.

Relax and enjoy the old fashioned pleasure of just snuggling! It’s a warm, wonderful feeling that nurtures a relationship and helps it to grow.

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