Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tony Walker
In March my little girl turned 13. I officially have a teenage daughter!
Watching our kids get older is a reminder of how fast time is going isn't it?
For me & probably many of you it is also a reminder of something very fearful.
What's going to happen??
My daughter is autistic. High functioning but still autistic.
Will she be be able to get a job?
Will she able to hold that job?
Will the job be something she enjoys or will she be wiping tables at some restaurant?
Will she be able to have her own place?
Will she be able to fulfill her dream of getting married & having 4 kids?
Will she be ok????
I am worried. I am very freaking worried. 
Most likely my son will do the right thing by looking out for his sister, help her out, etc. But it's not fair to him. Who knows where his dreams will take him.
Sometimes I tell myself not to worry... focus on the now. Other times I get crazy because high school graduation is right around the corner. I don't wanna be holding my dick & wondering what the hell do I do now!
How do you guys handle this? Do you plan or do you not worry???

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  1. I stopped worrying about the future. There's no point. Just prepare as best you can and have faith.