Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HE SAID... Tony Walker is running for President!!!!!


This week's He Said is more like a He's Bitching.

A very good friend of mine is down on her luck. She's fighting with someone close to her, her house is in foreclosure, & she just had her hours cut at her job. She also lost all her benefits there with the cuts.
This makes me mad. Real mad. I personally believe every citizen of our great Country is entitled to medical benefits. I personally think it's a disgrace that this country profits from our illnesses. I am disgusted about this financial depression we're in.

Why are we in this depression? What companies are hurting? The oil companies aren't! The "Verigreedy" bastards who threw me aside because I have one leg aren't hurting! They're all making record profits while most of us live paycheck to paycheck!!

My friend has worked her ass off for years. She's never been in any trouble. She's a kind, hard working, tax paying citizen. These kind of things should not be happening to these kind of people!! Yet it's happening all over.

Why bother working if there are no benefits? No retirement packages? Let's all sit home & collect unemployment or disability.... they come with some benefits. You can get money for sitting at home all day reading Facebook statuses!

People wanna work. People wanna put pride into what they do. There's nothing wrong with being rewarded for that. Rewarded with good pay & benefits for you & your family!!!

I say it's time for a do over!! No more Republicans! No more Democrats!! NO MORE POLITICIANS!! Time for people who truly care to lead this Country back to greatness!!!

Tony Walker is running for President!!!!!

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  1. Tony, I couldn't agree with you more! You have my vote!