Thursday, December 20, 2012


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Here I go again- having an opinion that is part Republican and part Democrat.  (

I nearly gave my husband a heart attack when I said "I agree with President Obama in that there should be a ban on assault weapons (except for police and military) and that no one in the general public should have access to armor piercing bullets! But, even though I'm a registered Republican, this is what I believe. I also agree that there is much to be done in the field of mental health and how we deal with it in this country. I'm hoping that this "task force" appointed by the President, will genuinely address these issues and not just "look into them".
I must also strongly disagree with the arming of teachers. Teachers are already asked to be mother, nurse, psychologist, babysitter, secretary, nutritionist and more. Why would we ask them to take on such an awesome responsibility of being bodyguard and police officer? As a former teacher and assistant principal, I can tell you that teachers are yearning for the days when we were actually allowed to TEACH! Now there is so little actual quality instructional time due to documentation, paperwork, fundraising, school photos, increase of special needs kids in the classroom, differentiated instruction, ... should I go on? Now you want to ask these teachers to carry a gun and learn how to shoot it?  This is insane! Whatever the cost, it would be much more effective to have an armed officer on campus who is thoroughly trained and experienced in dealing with emergency situations.
It was evident , as events unfolded in Sandy Hook Elementary School, that the teachers were well trained in what to do, and were willing to put their lives on the line for their students. How much more could you ask?
Now, here's the Republican in me speaking: We must protect the 2nd amendment and support the right to have a gun to protect ourselves and our loved ones, however, everyone should have to have a background check, take a training course, and people with a history of mental illness should not be able to have access to a gun (theirs or anyone elses.)
Again, it seems to me that there is a common ground for both sides of the table. I don't understand why politics places us at each others' throats! Life is full of compromise or give and take. Why can't we be that way politically?
Well, maybe it won't matter . If the Mayans are correct, we won't be arguing much longer! I'd better get this posted before the end comes and no one gets to read it!
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  1. Glad the world didn't end and I got to read your post, Marion. Well said!

  2. Well said, Marion! There has to compromise and common ground... you can't move forward if all you do in dance in place around the issues.