Monday, December 17, 2012


A day like any other, the sun rose in the sky

No one knew that on this day, the innocent would die.

Waves and kisses, off to school,   just as you’d expect

But on this day of tragedy, even the angels wept.

We mourn the 20 little ones who lost their lives that day,

And for adults who also died, we bow our heads and pray.

We can’t hold back the tears Lord, our sorrow can’t be eased.

Our outrage, shock and anger, just cannot be appeased.

And so our hearts are broken, our eyes are filled with tears,

We need for you to hold us close and calm us from our fears.

We all must learn to strive each day, to help our fellow man,

And stop the violence, hate and strife in anyway we can.

Help for those in mental strife, counseling and care,

Stop the hateful bullying, and teach our kids to share.

Evil men exist, dear Lord, no matter what we do,

But if we work to do these things, we just may save a few.

There is another thing I ask, Please come back to our schools,

So we can teach your law of love, and live the golden rule.

Enlighten all your people - our leaders and all men,

So we may be one nation, strong and “ under God” again.


  1. Thank you for putting this into words. Such a heartbreaking tragedy should be reflected on.

  2. There are no words that make this make sense...
    Yet, all of us can offer endless prayers!