Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Dawn Boyle
Every year our church has a festival. It lasts for two weeks. Everyone from town goes. Last year my daughter was injured at the festival and we will not be going again...ever again. This is in part due to her fear of seeing the Zipper and my fear of exposing my children to what I would refer to as Kids Gone Wild.
Kids Gone Wild are girls between 11-14. They have NO reason to be wearing the clothes or shall I say the LACK of clothing. They have their navel's pierced. They flaunt themselves with the top button of their already too small shorts open exposing even more of their thong underwear.
What is going on people? Where are the parents of these CHILDREN? How did they get passed the front door without being told to about face and put some damn clothes on? What would be the necessity of purchasing a little girl thong underwear?
How did we get here? Why are we letting these kids grow up so fast? Why are we afraid of our own kids? Have we let that "choose your battles" become an easy out? Why are we creating little monsters that will eventually become worse then we could imagine?
Nothing good will come of your 11 year old feeling sexy in thong underwear....MAKE A CHANGE!


  1. Dawn, you are SO right! I don't know what these parents are thinking! Actually, I don't think they ARE thinking! They're trying so hard to be their child's BFF that they forget to parent at all!

  2. i dont know of 11 year olds that wear things, mine didn't... but dont you think something should be said for those nasty Cougars sporting thongs with their low rise jeans... let alone those huge asses with the word JUICY bill boarded across for all to have to witness, disgusting... or just in general middleaged women who think that it is ok for them to shop in the juniors section... just saying

  3. going out on a limb here....(wink - wink) those "hot mommas" are usually the ones with the kids dressed like street walkers. Then there are the ones (the moms) who are trying to re-live something by allowing their children to dress and act a certain way.

    Aging gracefully usually doesn't mean buying clothes in the same department your children are shopping in. I am all for a night out and dressing the part, but not on a daily basis. EVERYONE SHOULD DRESS THEIR AGE! Great point RGF!

    I remember a funny saying - just cause they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it!

  4. "Let them be kids".... is a favorite saying of mine. They grow up way to fast with out anyone, any media and or any pressures pushing them.