Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She Said...

Dawn Boyle
I lost about 2 hours of my life last night as I sat through the Roast for Charlie Sheen. He was bombarded with zingers and one liners.

He arrived with Slash playing behind him in true rock star fashion. The grand wizard master seems to have pulled back on the reigns. At the Emmy's he gave heartfelt well wishes to his former cast members and bosses at Two and a Half Men. He took it like a trooper from the oddly formed dais of personalities, like Kate Walsh mentioning his children being taken away.

I am not going to give all the details about the roast for those of you who DVR'd it, but lets just say there was a definite idiot standout on stage at the roast, but it wasn't Mr. Sheen, anyone who runs into Mike Tyson's fist head first needs to have his head examined....literally and figuratively.

So in closing, it seems like the Vatican Assassin has made a turn around. I guess doing the ultimate f-you to your boss can cause you to have a major breakdown. It looks like Two and a Half Men not only almost ended his life, but seems to be what may have saved it as well.

Good Luck Mr. Sheen, my wish is that you can fix yourself and family. Make a comeback, like the tiger blood running through you, you will always be bad ass but probably should walk around with a penicillin drip.


  1. Thats what Steve-O does, duh. Ever hear of him?

  2. doesn't make it any less stupid = I think that is why the show was called Jack Ass.