Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dawn Boyle

As per urban dictionary: W
oman's Intuition

When someone of the female gender is clued in on something that either is happening or hasn't happened yet. Not to be confused with mother's intuition, which only applies to mothers. 

Something that every woman has where you just know. Whether it's that your lover is cheating on you or you get uneasy vibes from a co-worker, it's that gut feeling telling you that something is wrong. It may come in the form of a dream, deja vu, a funny feeling, all three, or something else. Never doubt this feeling. Ever.

To me, a woman’s intuition is that sense of something about to happen – despite there being no logical reason to think it is, or even to be thinking about it at all. It’s involuntary, and of course, only actualised with hindsight. This of course means that there may be loads of times I have that sense, then nothing happens, and I forget all about it – so my women’s intuition may be screwy. However, there are so many occasions where I have experienced it, I do believe in it.

Examples are hard to give, as they’re often small things – but it’s things like “knowing” something you have mailed to someone is going to end up getting lost in the system, despite having addressed it clearly and paid the correct postage.

Just this week I spent time on the phone with two friends about another that is falling for the wrong guy. I keep feeling something bad is going to far so good, but I can't shake this feeling!!

Does this ever happen to you? Care to share your own experiences?


  1. happens to me ALL the time! to the point where i wish i would have said something before the "something" happens...if i say something afterwards no one believes me....and i can't say i blame them : (

  2. Nope, I didn't even feel the earthquake. I would say though that my first impressions of people are usually dead on.