Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tony Walker

This is the post that is going to get me in trouble.
In an attempt to save myself I am going to start off by saying that I ALWAYS tell my wife how smoking hot, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, etc. she is. Honest to God she would agree with this. I tell her all the time.

If your man tells you how great you look, then what is the big deal if we look at another woman as they pass by?

This is something I have never understood. It's not like the guy has suddenly forgotten about you. It's the same as admiring a painting, a landscape, etc.  My wife would also tell you that she honestly doesn't care that I stare & flirt with others. She knows who is NUMBER ONE.

So what is the big deal?

You ladies aren't going to tell me you don't look at good looking men? I catch the ladies staring at me all the time. (It was so annoying at first but I am used to it now)... yes I am joking.
Trust me ladies, your man is not taking you home & having sex with you while thinking of some woman who just passed you at the movie theatre. He admired her for the two seconds he saw her.... he's moved on.... he's moved on to you.

When a man looks at another woman in your presence, isn't it a testament to how strong your relationship is if he is comfortable enough to look & maybe even say to you, "Hey look at her."
I know a couple who sometimes go to a bar, separately, so they can see how many people are checking them out. On many occasions people have attempted to pick them up. They talk to that person, mooch a few drinks, then politely say no thanks. They go home, have a great laugh over what transpired, & have a great night together if you know what I mean. No this couple is not me & my wife. I wouldn't stand for a guy hitting on her!! I'm joking!!! But seriously this couple is not us.

I want to make sure I am being understood here. I am not talking about the guy who treats his lady like $h*t, tells her how fat she is, or never tells her anything, but goes gaga over a pretty woman. I am talking about a guy who tells his wife she is the best.

What is the big deal if a guy looks at another woman? Please explain this to me ladies.

If your lady comes first and KNOWS IT and it DOES NOT bother her  or arise insecurities - Then I say no harm no foul.  Flirting and attention needs to remain playful - there is a definite line that runs the risk of being crossed with the possibility of no return.  Your mate must be the one who gets the most and most glorious attention.  They must also be okay with your actions or trouble will spiral into the relationship.  However, with so many women not comfortable  in their own skin, not ready or able to be confident in their own sexuality despite size and shape - I do believe that the majority will be against you here, Tony.  My two cents.... Keep it casual and make sure you wife is happy!  If the two of you are happy, "It aint't nobody else's business"!

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