Saturday, September 10, 2011


Great metal tears stream down her face but she still lifts her torch up high to light the way to freedom through a smoke filled Manhattan sky.

She weeps for her police and fire fighters and her EMS workers she has lost, and on her copper shoulders she bears the weight of the heavy human cost.

She hears the cries of the helpless, she sees them in their pain... and she sees the families waiting for those who won't be home again.

Our proud Lady Liberty watched the horror unfold from the bay- what would that dear lady tell us if she could speak to us today?

She'd tell us to stand up proudly 
She'd say to carry on
She'd tell us that those who hate us, 
those who have done such wrongs can't ever destroy the spirit that makes our land so great
America will not be beaten by terrorism or hate.

She'd say to reach out to each other, to face this hand in hand
and show the world how strong the people are that are the backbone of this land.

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