Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dawn Boyle

I agree with Tony's feelings about today. I HATE that summer is over. I mentioned in a post last week about the days, weeks, months and years flying past and how it brings me this sense of time running out.

Even though my kids made me crazy the entire summer, I did get a little teary eyed this morning as they got ready. My big girl is in fifth grade. Which only means that each day that passes she will hate me more and think what a horrible mother I am, no matter what I do. The baby going into second grade no longer wants to wear party dresses. She has been interning behind my back with Rachel Zoe and does not want to hear what I think about her fashion choices, complete with the roll of the eyes and that long drawn out "MOOOOOMMMMMMM"!!!

For a few hours today it was a little sad. It is sad that my babies are growing up. The time that is so precious is now, these are the days to look back on. Memories made. Funny stories to tell.

I am an emotional wreck today - not sure what it is....probably just inner anxiety that homework is only a few days away...tests and reports to follow,  AND CHRISTMAS is only 16 weeks away!!

Go buy their Halloween costumes now - it's only a half hour away! I don't care how old they are.. the rule still is,  no one is going to be slutty pirate even if it's a "TWEEN" costume!


  1. Feels like Ground Hog's Day to me...
    We did this all a month ago.
    Love and hugs to all of you dealing with the bittersweet end of summer!

  2. I agree, and burts into tears when my second grader wouldn't take my hand when we walked up the school. Ugh!

  3. the weather up here is not doing any good for me....the dreary day made it all a little harder to swallow....than all of the sudden a bizarre desire came over me to go to Glamour Shots and that changed my entire day :)))

  4. my baby went away to college a few weeks ago. Enjoy this special time.