Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This week's He Said should be called He's Crying... which translates to The Wimp Said.
Tomorrow my kids go back to school. Since I run my own business I can make my own hours so I am the one who sees the kids off.

This is why I am a wimp... I hate when my kids go back to school. I teared up when they went to bed tonight.

My son starts middle school tomorrow. I am so worried. My son is a lot like me, poor bastard, & I had a rough adjustment into junior high, middle school, whatever you call it. So I am worried about my boy. Hopefully he'll do better than I did.
For the first time since June they had to be in bed tonight at 9PM. That just doesn't seem right.
Back to school.
Back to getting up super early.
Back to making sure everyone has eaten breakfast, brushed teeth, changed underwear, have a million notes signed, is ready for the bus.
Back to getting them off the bus.
Back to being the Homework Nazi.
Back to checking back packs & lunch bags.
Back to taking them to karate, scouts, swimming, hangouts, doctors, lessons, (a million different kinds of lessons) basketball, blah blah blah.....
Back to making sure they ate everything on the plate.
Back to making sure they brushed their teeth & showered.
Back to throwing them into bed by 9PM.
Back to PTA meetings, scout meetings, teacher conferences, principal meetings, (that is if you have a son like mine) school events, blah blah blah.....
Back to wishing it was June again.
I know I am focusing on the negatives but right now I can't help it. Even though I yell at my kids all the time, I really do enjoy having them home without the worry of who has to be where at what time.

What do you guys think?
Am I part of a minority that likes having their kids home?
Are you looking forward to the peace & the structure?

On the bright side.... I'll have free time during the day. Time to stalk.... I mean.... visit with Boyle.......


  1. You said it perfectly Mr.Walker. You took the words right outta my mouth and I wasn't even kissing you! Ellen

  2. Well said Tony. I don't think you are alone. As for here, we just started the cycle a few weeks earlier in the south. So, we are settled into the "norm" of it once again. That's the most painful part - the transition back to school being the normal routine again when you want it not to be.

    It's such bittersweet emotion involved. Wanting our kids to grow, learn, and have routine and structure - yet loving and caring for the "carefree days" of sweet summer time!

    On the upside - let the count down begin... 179 school days till summer vacation! LOL ;P

  3. I agree totally Tony! I miss my kids when they go to school. And I just moved this summer to Florida so we got a VERY short summer. Ended in NY the end of June started here Aug. 8 and packed up a house inbetween. That really sucked!