Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*************PLEASE READ************

This morning my K9 partner Riki went missing from my home. His kennel door had been opened from the outside. He was taken from the Center Road area in Cartersville GA. He is a very friendly people dog and I had only had him for 2 days. If anyone knows where he is please call me at 678-956-0501, I am not even concerned with filling charges if the person will just return him to his home! Please everyone repost this and get the word out. This is killing me worrying about where he is and if he is ok. He is a sable colored German Shepherd and weights about 70lbs. He does not have the normal German Shepherd colors he's mostly sable. PLEASE call me if you have any information!!
By: Chris Day..
This was posted on THE THIN BLUE LINE, a site for police and police families. Please pass this on to help find K9 Officer Riki!


  1. The poor dog! How could someone do that? I heard on the news (ch13)that because of the economy dognapping is up. If people can't afford to pay a few bucks to adopt a dog how can they afford to feed it and pay vet bills! Ridiculous! I pray that Riki is found and is safe and sound!

  2. What a shame. Hoping for a happy ending to this story and that Riki comes home safe and healthy.