Monday, October 10, 2011


Tony Walker

If you're friends with me on Facebook most likely you see a pervert who hits on every woman he's friends with. It's true... I do that. So this next comment may come as a surprise.
I am crazy about my wife.
I adore the woman. She makes me laugh all the time.
Her kisses make me nuts.... if only she didn't push me away every time I kiss her!
What's with you women?? "Get off me! I'm stressed about a bill!" "Not now! Seinfeld is on!" "Go away! Maybe later!" And the list goes on & on.
What does it take for you gals to toss everything aside, tear your clothes off & say, "I want you bad!"
I know I am not exactly Brad Pitt.... I am more like Arm Pit.... but don't you ladies like when a man is all gaga over you? I've seen women get mad when a guy is distant. But then you feel smothered when a guy tries to be involved.
Sometimes I get so mad. Sometimes I try to understand where her head is at that particular time. Sometimes I think it's me & no matter what I do I'll always be gross.
My wife & I have had many heart to hearts about this topic. Whoever says sex isn't an important part in a marriage is a dope.
Please ladies. Explain this to me. Either that or come kiss me. She'll be glad... she'll get some rest because I won't be all over her!!


  1. If the people are involved are happy with their sex lives, it's a small part of their relationship. If one or both are unhappy, it becomes a MAJOR part of the relationship.

    Some men don't like when woman come on too strong, either. Some people are just more receptive to emotional intensity. I'll catch my boyfriend staring at me, and he does it because he simply enjoys looking at me. But he's admitted that in the past that really weirded out his girlfriends.

    You are very open and comfortable expressing your passion. Not everyone can handle that. It doesn't mean you should stop, but keep in mind that can be intimidating.

    Good for you, Tony, that you can love your wife that way and that you try to understand where she's coming from.

  2. Tony, I think I used to kinda be that way, too. Life got in the way of our lives. That's why we decided to move on to a little therapy and lotza homework! He made it all about me, and it worked. When we opened our hearts to different things, i.e. sending sexy pics, talking about other people and how we found them attractive or not, pushing the envelope, really got our feet moving in the right direction. I actually started to read erotica! It worked:) Don't know how, but it did. I guess what changed for me was that I didn't like going down that awful road. I saw cob webs and loneliness. The more you want to be wanted by them, the more anxiety it will cause. Maybe take a step back and she'll wonder why. It could spark an intrest in her to know why. I know it did for me. Then I got my act together.

  3. Love the idea of doing homework Bridgette!
    How about sending me some of your sexy pics!!!
    I've been trying to get Boyle to send me some but no luck... yet.....