Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tony Walker
My apologies to the hotties of The Lounge for being so late with my HE SAID for this week.
As usual my post this week is about sex.
I have a question for you ladies. 
Do you find women kissing as acceptable as men do? Us guys think two guys kissing is gruesome. Do you see 2 women kissing the same?
Most people I know, men & women, find 2 women kissing more acceptable. A few girls have told me that if they're going out drinking that is practically a given that 2 girls in that group of friends will be making out to some degree... I gotta hang out with that group!
I am one of those male pigs who LOVE watching 2 gorgeous women kiss. Most men enjoy that. Why do you think that is?
It's my perception that society as a whole accepts 2 girls kissing over men. If 2 girls kiss it's hot & that's it. If 2 guys are kissing those guys are automatically gay. Yet the girls are not gay. How does that work? Not that I'm complaining!!! LOL
Tell us what you think? Do women find watching 2 girls kissing sexy? Is it gross?

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  1. Bi-Sexual women an/or lesbians are way more acceptable (and dare I say Hotter) than gay men. Mainly because the female figure is just a better model. Thats why G_D stopped at two, he got it right the second time.