Friday, November 4, 2011


The difference between American Idol and The X Factor. by Marissa Meleske

For a few weeks now I have been tuning in to watch this American Idol spin-off. First I want to let you all know, I hate American Idol. My husband  has religiously watched since season 1. I really never got into it. So what's the difference between the two? Why am I loving X so much?

Some of the differences I have noticed is that there is no age limit at X. I like that. I really enjoy the stories of the people who are my age and still chasing their dream...and for that 5 million dollar recording contract I am considering getting voice lessons and trying out next season. The mentoring I originally thought would bug the hell out of me, but it's hasn't. The way they put people together for the groups division is also pretty cool. Those girls (forget their name, think is has something to do with rain) are really awesome! 

Seems like Simon is taking happy pills and Paula maybe has stopped taking whatever she was on during her stint on Idol. Nicole (Pussycat Doll) is not too annoying and LA Reid is totally bad ass. I think he might be the most cool dude in America. I bet he is fun to hang out with.

I will probably be over this show in a few years, but for now - I am really enjoying it! My prediction for the winner is that Rachel Crow kid, she can blow! That kid is going to be famous even if she doesn't win. She makes me want to hug her through the tv, a modern day Shirley Temple.

Tune in and check it out if you haven't yet. If you have, tell me what you think of the show and who you think will be the winner of THE X FACTOR!


  1. I've been watching it also--- and I do enjoy it! Rachel Crow also reminds me of Shirley Temple!! LOL LA REID said in the beginning she can be a Disney/ Nickolodeon type kids show.. or also think she can be Annie on Broadway--
    LAKODA RAYNE, the all girls group that was put together at the auditions by the judges instead of being sent home, has a BEAUTIFUL sound. Really pretty. I think ASTRO (Brooklyn in the house) will go far- so talented- writes his own rap lyrics and really puts on a show when he is on the stage. But in the end- I think either Melanie or Drew will win this whole thing...

  2. thanks Anty! LAKODA....I swore it was Dakota *Ha, seems to me I need my hearing checked! Astro is awesome. I don't think he will win, but will be a force in the end. I love both stories behind Drew and Melanie - either would be incredible winners (singers) but I really think Rachel will steal the hearts of millions. She is infectious and just makes me want to smile!!!!