Wednesday, November 23, 2011



I actually saw a news report on that the other day!

I wish my teachers were like that guy!! I would've graduated with top honors but I'd be broke!!
Forget student loans to colleges! I'd be still owing Mr. McDonough, Mr. Schwell, Mr. Del Re, Ms. Dunbar, & a ton of others a shit load of money!!!
Did you see how the students were paying the teacher? They would take the test, then hand it in with the money paper clipped to the test!! I'm sorry but I was laughing my ass off on that one!!
What subject was this guy teaching anyway? Economics? Business?
Here's the lesson for you kiddies.... as long as you have money you can do anything you want. Our politicians have been doing that for years. 
Morals? Honesty? Loyalty? Where does that get you?
Throw away your pride. Make yourself look as foolish as you can & you'll be on TV! You'll be rich & famous. Then you can cheat, lie, & abuse anything/anyone you want. If you get caught you pay your way out of it but don't pay right away... there's more TV time when you're in trouble!!!
What the hell happened to this Country????
I am running for President. As your President I will turn the clock back to 1955 when TV only had 13 channels. There was no room for crap on TV. People took pride in their work & their bosses treated them with respect. Houses, cars, & everything else was affordable. 
The only thing I'll keep from the present day is the internet. I need my porn.

To read the entire story about Jeff Spires click the link below.

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