Monday, December 5, 2011


Dawn Boyle
I totally know these guys......
Hairy Bikers is scheduled toPaul and Bill  road trip along American roads to get a taste for themselves local  history and traditions. But they don't just cook and eat with the locals - they do everything it takes to put the meal on the table. They spear bullfrogs, go clamming, lobster, shrimping and capture gators with a cross bow; they clean road kill, harvest wheat for beer, and track down wild boars.
I found myself glued to the boob-tube Friday night with the History channel after arguing with my husband for the remote (he obviously won) but I found hours after he was snorring away still watching these two regular guys do what they love. They are best friends who ended up having a show traveling across America doing some really cool things. I actually saw for the first time in my life a REAL CLAM BAKE on the pots, no, seaweed, sand and fresh seafood and vegetables. Might have been the coolest thing I have ever watched! I even learned where the term "egg timer" came from!
Bill Allen, 44, is the owner of Bill Allen's Motorcycles, a premiere shop in east Texas where he's known for his attention to detail. He is also a custom bike builder, musician and passionate cook. After graduating from the Motorcycle Maintenance Institute in Orlando, FL, he became crew chief for the American Drag Bike Association, winning a World Championship for speed racing. He's been cooking and throwing dinner parties with his best friend Paul Patranella for the past 20 years. Nearly every Sunday night, he and his wife host what they call their "home for wayward musicians" to support some of their "starving artist" friends.
Paul Patranella, 40, studied at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. After eight years as chef at one of Las Vegas' most prestigious restaurants, he returned to College Station, Texas to open Square One, where he helped promote fresh, local produce. From there he was hired as the personal chef for President George and Barbara Bush and head chef for the Bush Presidential Library. Now on his 14th motorcycle, he's spent decades riding the back roads of Texas with his best friend Bill Allen.
The Hairy Bikers title has been sold in over 160 territories worldwide including Australia, China, Egypt, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Taiwan and more, capturing the imagination of cooking enthusiasts and redefining the genre. The original Hairy Bikers on BBC Two in the UK has completed their 8th season, repeatedly demonstrating phenomenal success with viewers.

Check your local listings for Hairy Bikers on The History's well worth it! You might just catch the episode on how to make Drunken Chicken!

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