Friday, December 9, 2011


It’s been a while since my first post.  I guess you could say I was REAL busy…

We have been trying lots of new ways to spark up the marriage.  One fun way is the use of our cell phone.

To me being romanced is more about being hunted and pursued, and earned…  NOT flowers, jewelry, or expensive dinners.

There is something to be said about being taken or ravaged.  I tried to look for ways of turning ice queen into raving huntress.  I really honed in on awakening my deep passion for fantasy, with the help of course, of my husband.   We started to wake ME up!  I’m talking about a little Sexting.  I find myself in the bathroom at work taking naked pics of me in the mirror and sending them to my DH with a little fun saying, like, “Want sum?”  Sexting can be a powerful tool for your relationship.  It takes you on a whole new level for secretly feeding your fantasies.  When I receive these types of texts, I certainly respond in a way that sometimes makes me want to, well you know…  It makes me feel sexy, desirable, wanted, hunted… To sum it up more like unapologetically romantic.



  1. Wow Bridgette. I had no idea. I cannot believe there aren't any thoughts regarding this piece.... I love it!

    My girl and I have done sexting. It's hot! Naked and naughty pictures definitely enhance the experience. You hit the nail Bridgette.

    We're always looking to explore new, exciting, and daring things to keep us craving each other like animals!!
    Without fantasies, passion, and acting on them... your sex life is dead. No doubt.

    My girl and I did the following fantasy recently: We arranged a meeting at a motel. Knock on my door, there she was- hot as ever! The room was dark, and we said nothing, not even "hello"! We immediately got into, clothes flying off, and completely attacking each other like there was no tomorrow.

    Bottom line - explore, try new things! We all like it dirty, we really do. Making love is great, but dirty sex is so much better. Right Jillian!??

    I would love to hear more Bridgette. You definitely get it! And those who aren't "getting it"? Your man or your girl is getting elsewhere, I promise you!

  2. I believe that if you don't do it now, you never will. Like, "will I ever have enough money saved up to get married", or "Add this to my "Bucket List". Hell! I say add it to my "F%*$ It" List!!!! More like let's DO IT! What's the harm. It's fun and really get's things moving in all the right directions.

    Charlie, sounds like you are on the right path. Don't stop! Keep trying to think of ways to really get her going. Sometimes it's the littlest of things.

    Sometimes, when my DH and I are out on a simple date, we look at other couples to see if there are any, "Yeah, I'd tear that up" statements. Now, I am not one for crude and rude remarks, but, HOT DAMN, it's a hot appetizer for what's to come for us in the evening. Sometimes we can't even wait and finish the date early with a ROCKIN nightcap!

    With what I said before, who has time to get it from anywhere else?