Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tony Walker
All the time you hear about people "hooking up" through the internet, especially now with Facebook-I'm sure everyone has heard at least once about some guy & girl who dated 100 years ago & got together recently to remember those times. 
Here's one that's new to me. A guy I know met a girl on Facebook through a friend of a friend of a friend. These two have never met physically, they've made comments on mutual friends' posts & got friendly through that. The two of them became Facebook friends & got to know each other. Nothing wrong with that. I know several people that way. It's nice making new friends right? Who cares how or where you met? Here's the strange part. This guy thinks he may have fallen in love with this girl. Again, they have never met physically. In fact, they're in 2 completely different parts of the Country! But they've had long conversations, actually emails & IM's... this guy doesn't even know what this woman sounds like! Yet based on their emails & IM's, he thinks he may have fallen in love with her. He also thinks that she is absolutely beautiful... which he's right about. I saw her picture. She is stunning. But is it possible to fall in love this way? He is very very confused about this. Either way, he's not going to act on it because she is married. However, based on their conversations he thinks she feels the same way.
Tell us what you think. Do you believe in this age of technology that it's possible to fall in love with someone even though you've never physically met?


  1. Very romantic, but dangerous! People write what they want you to know and leave out the imperfections and bad habits. You can never really know if there is chemistry between you until you spend time together.

  2. In my opinion you can not have a romantic love for someone you have never met before Friendship yes but love has chemistry and you cannot have chemistry through a computer unless you have met before or known each other in the past and have memory of that chemistry Namaste

  3. Sounds like the lack of meeting in person + the stunning picture = love. It will last about as long as a relationship between a 14 and a 15 year old. They are based on the same principles.