Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tony Walker
Here's something we've talked about before.... The almighty Facebook.
How did a stupid web site get such a hold on us?
I'm not talking about reconnecting with old friends. I'm not talking about the games that many people are addicted to.
I'm talking about our everyday lives!
People get mad at each other over pictures.
People get mad at each other over who friended who.
People get mad at each other over comments.
People get divorces!!
About 2 weeks ago I bumped into an old friend from high school. I hadn't seen him in about a year or two. He married a girl we went to high school with. As we were talking I mentioned his wife & of course his response is he's divorced. Then I realize the girl he is standing there with is his girlfriend! The advantage of having a prosthetic leg is you can literally put your foot in your mouth.
But this got me thinking about a few other relationships I know of that fizzled due to a Facebook connection. "So & so hung out with that guy the other night. They hadn't seen each other since they dated in  high school 25 years ago but they decided it would be fun to get together. She's married with 3 kids, he's married with 2." You've all heard stories like this yes?
If it wasn't for Facebook these people wouldn't have tracked each other down! 
What is it about Facebook that things like this happen? Some of these reunited couples had no idea what happened to each other & never cared until Facebook. What magic does Facebook have that all of a sudden these people need to rekindle the flame? Are people really that miserable in their lives & Facebook has given them an outlet to search for a new beginning? Were these people miserable already or did the nostalgia that's all over that site make people think life would be better with an old flame?
Tell us what you think. Have you been in a situation like this or know anyone who has?

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