Monday, March 5, 2012


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

“When the chips are down, I have Israel’s back”. Barack Obama March 5, 2012

As tension rises and Israel becomes more and more concerned about the development of nuclear facilities in Iran, President Obama has promised support and if necessary, military action to insure Israel’s protection. At the same time, he stated that he believes we need to wait and let the sanctions that have been put in place  take effect and we should continue to try to resolve these problems with diplomacy.

The relationship between President Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been somewhat strained to say the least. Many people believe that Netanyahu isn’t convinced of Obama’s resolve and that Israel might go ahead with attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The most telling statement indicating that Israel might end up acting on its own was Netanyahu's insistence that the Jewish state must be the "master of its fate." "The pressure (on Iran) is growing but time is growing short," Netanyahu was quoted as telling Obama during what was seen as the most tension filled meeting of U.S. and Israeli leaders in years.

 Israel, believed to be the only nuclear weapons power in the Middle East, fears Iranian nuclear facilities may soon be buried so deep that they would be invulnerable to its bunker-busting bombs, which are less powerful than those in the U.S. arsenal.

Israel insists that military action against Iran would be warranted to prevent it from reaching nuclear weapons capability, as opposed to when it actually builds a device. The New York Daily News published an article showing several attack options Israel is considering against Iran. The general opinion is, Israel will not wait much longer.

It’s clear that we are on the verge of a momentous time in history. Will it be another Holocaust if the US convinces Israel to wait, as Netanyahu fears?  Will Iran back down because of political and economic sanctions as Obama hopes? There are serious issues to be considered.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it’s time to start praying, because it seems that’s all we can do right now!  Pray for guidance for world leaders, pray for peaceful resolutions, and pray that all nations might grow too wise to engage in nuclear war!

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  1. This is a powder keg ready to explode. You can't "negotiate" with Iran. They have sworn to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth". How do you reason with that?

  2. You can't reason with Evil. There are only a few evil nations, but Iran tops the list. You have to be on the attack with these bastards.
    I applaud Israel for taking a proactive stance here. And if intelligence indicates that Israel, US, or any other country is in imminent danger....then our President, our country MUST act.

  3. I agree! While we're waitin, Iran is digging deeper and deeper into that mountainside. Israel has been a good and loyal ally. We need to stop "talking" about carrying a big stick and start acting like America again! Our reputation in the world has suffered enough with this president, now we look like naive cowards!

  4. President Obama is trying to avoid war. America has always preferred diplomacy over agression.Why is everyone so anxious to start a nuclear war?

  5. No one is anxious to start a nuclear war... but the Israel must defend themselves, they do not get a warm fuzzy from the Big O because there is no warm fuzzy to receive... it is bizarre to me that with Barry's track record or lack of track record on the Middle East, before taking office, that so many American Jews voted him in... What were they thinking he is not an ally to Israel never was never will be...

  6. Did you read the NY Dsaily News today? The article was about this very thing and the title (under a picture of Obama) was "2-Faced -2 Step". That kind of says it all as far as Obamas record with Israel!