Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tony Walker
Since I will be the next President of The United States, from now on my He Said's will be Your President, He Said.
As your President I will legalize prostitution.
Have you ever thought about why prostitution is illegal??
Sure some of you think it's disgusting. Some of you think it's bad for health reasons. Some of you think men who cheat with prostitutes should be tortured.
I am not arguing any of those points. But are those reasons why it should be illegal??

Why should we deny the right for a man or woman to get laid???
Everybody wants some! I want some too!!!
If that's the easiest (or only) way someone can get some love, shouldn't they be allowed?
If it's legal, the places it occurs may improve. The prostitutes may be healthier women if it's legal.
If someone is doing it behind their spouses back, you're on your own. This President ain't touchin that!
Sex sells.... spending money & regulating legal sex would improve spending, pay taxes, create jobs, etc. This could be a major boost for our floundering economy!!
What do you think? Should prostitution be legal?

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