Friday, March 23, 2012


Dawn Boyle

I live in Massapequa, on Long Island, New York. We have had some pretty famous people come out of our town, Jerry Seinfeld and The Baldwins are the bigger of the "big" names. We are known for our incredible schools, beautiful waterfront properties, incredible beaches, and recently we have gotten some bad press....while those stories may be true, I have had the wonder of being affected first hand by the generosity and kind hearts that truly should be the story of Massapequa.

Many call Massapequa the land of the "HAVES" and the "HAVE NOTS". There are homes sales in the millions and then there are those regular people, regular people like you and me. There are people who are struggling to pay their mortgage and plenty of people getting ready for their great escape for the April break. We may also be known as "Trophy Town" due to our intense sports programs and yes, I am one of those parents that have my kid out practicing til 10:00 at night. The one thing that everyone has in common is sense of community. My town rallies around those who are in need. They rally for families that are stricken by illness. Massapequians rally when a tragedy strikes and a family is left without a parent.We rally for each other during crisis, such as Tropical Storm Irene when it seemed like most of us were underwater. Massapequa rallies like no other BIG, little town I know.

So regardless of crappy publicity - I wouldn't want to live or have my family anywhere else. I couldn't be prouder to call Massapequa home. I am so impressed with the people in my community and no matter what kind of stories you hear, stand tall ~ WE ARE.... MASSAPEQUA!!


  1. beautifully stated Dawn and so very true...I am proud to live in Massapequa!

  2. and I am proud to say I live there with ya ;)