Sunday, March 18, 2012


This week the father of a close friend passed.
Death has been on my mind a lot lately with the death of some childhood heroes, Gary Carter & Davy Jones.... yes I am a huge fan of Monkees music.
I never knew my friend's father. I met him a few times but that was back when we were kids. After attending the funeral today I realized that this man & his son, my friend are also heroes.
Not to take away from Carter & Jones, but you don't have to be on their level to be a hero.
Bill Thomas was a firefighter & a devoted husband.
His son Michael gave one of the most touching speeches I've ever heard. He talked about how his father's best attributes have passed on to him & his siblings.
The one that stuck with me most was the one that my pal Brian inherited. A sense of humor bigger than he is (& he is a big man) & a devoted husband/father.
Brian Thomas spends almost every minute of his day (when he's not working) doing something with or for his kids.... always with a smile on his face.
Scouts, building something in the backyard, hunting, etc.
Brian's wife, Heather, is a very sweet woman with a sweet smile. Being married to Brian she must do a lot of laughing at home. If you know Brian you agree, I know you do.
To you this post may sound like I am gay for Brian. I'm not.
I'm just being honest. In my opinion there is no bigger hero than someone like Brian or his dad.... someone who can be a devoted husband for 50 years & be a special dad is the ultimate.
That's what I wanna be when I grow up.

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