Monday, March 19, 2012


Tony Walker
Back in 2002 I went to see a Paul McCartney concert at the Nassau Coliseum. I had pretty good seats. McCartney's wife at the time, Heather Mills, walked right past me.
Being the pig that I am I was checking her out as she walked further from me. She was a looney but very beautiful.
Remember Heather Mills is an amputee. Sure enough, as I am watching her she somehow fell.
Being the a$$hole I am I laughed out loud.
Paul's friend, John Lennon, the man who wrote Instant Karma, must have been watching from the heavens.
Six months later I was diagnosed with cancer which led to me becoming an amputee.
True story.

Another true story....
Back in 1989 I went to see The Monkees in concert at Westbury Music Fair.
Westbury Music Fair has a rectangular stage that slowly rotates during the show so everyone has a good seat.
Well during the song Valleri, Davy Jones starts running backwards as he's singing. He ran backwards right off the stage & tumbled.... & tumbled... & tumbled.
Being the as$$hole that I am I laughed for three days.
With Davy's passing it means that due to karma I will start non-stop tumbling any day now.

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