Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HE SAID.... It's the little things

Tony Walker
This week's He Said is about the little things.
No not my little thing....
Well I guess my little thing has something to do with this....

Ladies, all the time on TV, articles, in conversation, etc. the women always say, "It's the little things that count. A hug, a kiss, saying you love me, a touch on the shoulder as you pass by me," blah blah blah.
Well I'm here to call you ladies out on this!!!
I want someone to tell me just exactly what one of those "little things" do for you. I ask because whenever I fight with a woman & attempt a "little thing" I still get the cold shoulder! And I'm lucky if that's all I get!! 
Sometimes I get the brush off!
Sometimes she ducks me!
Sometimes she tells me to go F%&@ myself!
Sometimes I get accused of sucking up to take away from whatever we are disagreeing about!
My favorite... sometimes as I try to use my little thing the response is "EWWWWW!!"
Let me point out that this happens no matter who is the wrong one in the disagreement. Sometimes no one is in the wrong. Sometimes it could just be 2 different opinions, yet I still end up trying the "little things" approach!

It's not the fact that I have a little thing, it's what I do with it. Doesn't that account for anything???
Am I using my little thing too soon? 
I am always willing to use my little thing to keep peace! No not piece... peace!!
Let us know what you think. Do you really appreciate the little things? 

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