Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Jillian B. Hart
HMMMMMM...... "Mommy Porn",  REALLY? Is that what you (and or "they") are calling it, Tony?  At least that's what I read in your latest "He Said"
Let me think of what I want to say here... I'll be back...

Friday June 16, 2012
Alright --- Truth be told - Life got in the way, as usual my return took way longer then anticipated.  With a little luck it makes you miss me more...  

Where was I?!

"Mommy Porn", Seriously.  That emanates a bit like a backhanded compliment.  Kinda like MILF, it all depends on the way you say it and rarely coming across with the right je ne sais quoi.  
(Although occasionally can make one blush in all the right ways and can be complimentary.) There is a difference between porn and erotica and that's the thing that guys often miss.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the right dash of erotica.  However all too often the man in your life suffers from ADD...  bringing home "Another Disastrous DVD"! Come on now! There is a difference, a big difference (and yes size matters! ...Sorry could help myself!) between erotica and porn... any porn.  

I'm always up for an evening or any other time of day that has wild sparks that ignite to uncontrollable flames. Erotica builds that fire.  It creates connection.  I'll watch, listen, read --- Hell, I write my own and enjoy it.  Most of us hunger for that connection.  Therein lies the difference - the disconnect vs. the connection.  Not that there isn't positives to be found from a mind blowing f*ck... but for the long term - connections and emotions count.  Many women don't "connect" to porn. Yet erotica has emotion and connection.  That's what gets our engines racing. If you get your woman all revved up before the flag I guarantee that the final finish will be fabulous! Isn't that the point of watching and or reading something spicy together? To whet you appetite in the fantasy for the real thing. To bring fantasy into your reality! No matter how good a girl you are if you want fireworks  "in the bedroom", if you like your reality with a healthy serving of fantasyland on the side, ALWAYS pack at least a little NAUGHTY WITH YOUR NICE!  Sometime the more the better. Erotica of any kind can help take your "lady" there. If you do that - winners all around. The more you win, the more you want to play. 

I was really prepared to get into quite a bit if a rant here... (Oh, wait I did, a little one, LOL), until I got a message from one of my "besties", The Good Girl.  She took the words right out of my mouth.  So I'll stop now and let her go strutting in my stilettos.  

I'll catch ya on the next one, Tony baby! Ha! I'll give you a great big rant then... hehehehe ;)


  1. I was wondering when we would hear from you Jillian. This one seemed perfect for you. Has Tony ever read your stuff on DRL? You know what posts I mean...

  2. Heheheh...
    I'm always lingering. ;)
    Yes, I'm quite certain Tony has read my posts. He tends to be one of my more verbal fans. I do believe even Tony would blush if he read some of my "hotter & harder" stuff... they make my DRL posts seem like baby talk. Oh, wait he has....... Tony, care to comment?

  3. I've commented on plenty of Jillian's stuff!
    Although I'd rather comment to Jillian in person. She's hot!!!
    I am one of the fortunate ones who knows what Jillian looks like... I would love to get together with Jillian & some watch some erotica movies together!!!!

    About your post Jillian.... Yes THEY are calling it Mommy Porn! You haven't heard that? I didn't make that up!!!

  4. OK, now I'm excited!

  5. Where's Dawn & her fire hose??? I'm thinking it might be needed on this thread of comments!

    Thrilled to have Jill and The Good Girl stirring the pot at DRL! Keep it going ladies! LOVE IT!

  6. PS... To Tony, I can count on you to faithfully stir things up around here! ;)

    That said...... Where's this weeks He Said!