Friday, November 16, 2012


Tony Walker
Here in NY, Long Island in particular, we are dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. I was going to write something about that storm but decided against it. There are a million places to see, hear, & read about the hurricane. I've decided to stick with what I do best.... and if anyone knows what that is please let me know.

This week's He Said is actually a "He's Asking".  So my question is: Do you stay together for the kids sake or not?

Right now I know 3 people who are in their marriages solely for the kids. These people believe that splitting up with their spouse would mess up their kids. I'm sure all of you have heard that reasoning from someone you know. But is staying together for the kids sake doing more damage? If you're fighting, do you want the kids to witness that? Maybe you're not fighting but you're miserable... do you want your kids growing up thinking that being married means being miserable? Of these three I speak of, one woman recently told her husband that she doesn't love him anymore so right now they're together for the kids. She's so happy she finally got this off her chest that one would never know her marriage is over. So is fooling the kids an option too?

I look at my life.... my father split when my mother was pregnant with me. I lived with my mother, brother, & grandmother. My best friend was right next door & there were plenty of kids on my street & in our neighborhood. I had a great childhood. Later in life I found out my father was a screw up his whole life until he died in a bizarre motorcycle crash in his early 40's. I was 10 when it happened. I realized I was better off with my parents NOT together. 

Based on my own story, my vote is to not stay together for the kids sake. 

Tell me and all of us at DRL what you think. 
Do you agree with me? Do you know kids who got messed up because his/her parents split?

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