Friday, October 7, 2011


Tony Walker
I'm already looking towards next summer.
No this isn't a "I hate winter" bitch and moan session.
I have good reason to look towards next summer.

With Social Security paying me next to nothing then cutting my pay this past June (I am making less than nothing now!) and my discrimination lawsuit against Verizon moving at a slow pace, I need money now. I need to focus on my new career of performing. I need to move forward.
So I've come up with a business idea that may be the answer to my financial problems, which then means it may fix some marriage issues.

I discussed this business idea with a friend who has money. He's expressed interest in backing it. Right now it looks like this actually may happen. It's very exciting!

There is one problem.... to make this happen I would need to be away from home all summer. I wouldn't see my wife and kids all summer except for the few times they come visit. I need to make something happen. I am tired of being broke. There are hardly any jobs out there and no one wants to hire a one legged guy. I'm desperate to make something happen for myself and this may be the only way. I know this idea will work but being away from home really upsets me.

When I had cancer I had to be away from home for weeks at a time for surgeries and chemo. I lost a ton of time from my family. I am a softy. I will be a wreck when I leave them. It's only a summer. I will have the rest of the year at home but this still kills me. But this is something I have to do. My wife understands and supports it... who are we kidding? She's probably thrilled to be rid of me!!

Tell us what you think. Have you ever had to leave your family behind for an extended period of time? Would you do it if you felt strongly about what you were doing? Would you say no way to leaving them behind?

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  1. Follow your heart it will lead you to the answers that you need! Much luck Tony!