Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She Said...

Dawn Boyle

In response to Tony's He Said this morning I can't disagree with you more. There is a new commercial out right now about some kind of feminine wash, the commercial goes something like, wars are waged over it, men die for it, countries are born over it....all the while they are talking about the power of "V". I think there is a clear difference between men and women. I believe that we think from different sides of the brain. I think that although we all (at some point) want sex, we want it in different ways. Yes, we talk trash in the bathroom or sitting around a table full of women, but the difference is, you guys DON'T want to hear that from women you are attracted to or trying to court. Right?

I think that once there is a level of comfort we might let out a burp or two by accident, but I know that my husband will look at me like I am a farm animal and get completely turned off. Here is the clue for you guys....we feel the same way about you getting all mushy during a movie. The boys want ladies and the girls want strong men to protect them. This is because of what we are trained to think we want from such an early age.

So society has made sure we are completely different. Seriously ladies do you want super sensitive guy?

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  1. LOL.... Love when you tell us how you are feeling, Dawn!

  2. WRONG!! I can't speak for other men, but me & the guys in my world would LOVE to hear women "talk trash" as you put it!!!
    We don't want you to be prim & proper all the time. We wanna hear you burp. We wanna see you throw us down & take advantage of us sometimes! We want you to sit & watch porn with us!!
    I believe you think your husband would look at you funny if you burped, but I would need to hear him say he wouldn't like it for me to believe it.
    You're right there Dawn.... I am a super sensitive wimp & no woman I have ever been with likes it.
    But wanting a lady???? What is this the 50's??? Sorry but I think you got it wrong... every guy I know would love to sit around with guys & GALS to talk about giving head, anal sex, & other crazy things.

  3. I don't want a super sensetive Guy. I have Girlfriends for that. Come to think of it neither My Girlriends or Myself are super sensetive! lol

  4. You intimated that women don't want sex as much as men. That's what i decoded from """I think that although we all (at some point) want sex.""" If women are not having good sex or sex at all, it's because of the man in her life. Same for a man. They would love to be boning some hot guy at the club or the office. And people do cheat. Do a search on % married couples cheat, and the numbers are staggering. Approximately 50%. And it's nearly equal, men to women. Bottom line, women want to be fucked!

    Here's the ultimate girl for a guy: Fucks like a whore. Enjoys cooking, often times a team effort. And is real good company: laughs, makes us laugh, and watches football games on sunday and understands what an audible is. That's it. I can take out the trash, and we can hire a cleaning a lady. That relationship will last. It's the ones with nothing in common that fail.

  5. normally people who are married start with the not having sex anymore because things get in the way...kids, finances, lack luster of romance. I agree people cheat. In my circle of friends I would say there is 1 in every 5. That's goes for both men and women. I am no fool, I know how to get things done, but seriously women DO NOT want to be F'ed. Not saying we don't want crazy sex every once in a while, but I am saying that so much more goes into an intimate relationship then taking out the garbage. Remember that birthdays and holidays come the exact same time each year. Think about bringing home flowers just because...in fact take a look at today's post by our new blogger...not saying I would go for the swap n shop, but adding excitment to any relationship (like it was in the beginning) keeps it fresh. I think our other she said yesterday mentioned continuing to date your spouse. Treat them as you would the first fake three months all the time.

    As for me...take out the garbage, hire the cleaning lady (Brozana is back by the way) and do me a favor by entertaining the kids while I am cooking every night. The secret to success over here in Boyle Land is that easy :)

  6. You're all right.
    You're all wrong.
    I was wrong to say we're all the same.
    It's a matter of knowing your partner & knowing what they like & don't like.
    To generalize it here is wrong.
    What works for you is what works for you & that's right.
    People cheat because life gets in the way. They either forget about each other or they're so damaged by life they become different people.
    It sucks that we have to worry about so many different things that couples can't make time for each other.

  7. I gotta disagree Dawn......
    There's a time and a place for everything - especially is a good, healthy and trusting relationship. There is certainly a time to make love and a time to just get it on and have a good &^%$!
    If women fool themselves by thinking their men aren't more about that - then there's no wonder the intimacy wanes. Intimacy comes from recognizing each other's needs. That may mean pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Strap on those stilettos, and some eye popping lingerie --- I'm willing to bet dollars to climaxes that if you scratch his back he'll scratch yours and a whole lot of other fun stuff! The key is trust and respect - Try it - you might like like it! It might just add that "thang" you need - variety is the spice of life - And if you are going for spice you need to mix in the HOT STUFF!

    Like Barbara said in her SHE SAID yesterday - it's not the same recipe for everyone - but you have to make the pieces fit. If you constantly mix the wrong ingredients try as you might - it's BAD and no one is happy! MIX IT UP! Find the balance -keep them interested in YOU - and they won't stray for spicy "soup" elsewhere! That goes both ways - you gotta give as good as you get - and give what makes your mate's heart skip a beat and steal the air from their lungs! If you are doing that in the bedroom - THE REST WILL WORK - it all works if you WORK IT

  8. PS... BOTH have to WORK IT, TRY IT, WANT IT! A good relationship - is work! You work your a$$ off for most other things in life - why not work at what should make you the most happy & bring the most joy and pleasure?! Seems a no-brainer to me!


  9. Jillian...I think your comment agrees with my comment we only differ with the "F" word. I think that EVERYONE has a different opinion on what sexy passionate sex is and being "f'd".

  10. Agreed, Dawn! I'm not necessarily a big fan of the "F" word --- but, it certainly seems to get a rise out of our male counterparts. Sometimes you do have to "play" along...

  11. Go watch a porno scene? You see that look in the girl's eye? That oh man this is good, fuck me harder, make me cum. That look! Well that look, deep down, we all have and want in the bedroom. Not the - look deep into my eyes and tell me you love me bullshit fuck.
    Lol, it's the truth!

  12. Why is it that some people think F***ing is a bad thing? F***ing on the other hand can give a person an amazing feeling of passion and desire. I can ony speak for my husband, who likes me to be his "Girlriend" in the bedroom. No matter what the "verb" is in the deed, there has to be feeling and emotion behind it. I honestly feel that it entirely depends on the people talking about it. AND...for some reason, I LOVE talking about it!

  13. Bridgette, I love talking about it too.
    We should talk sometime!
    The sooner the better!!