Thursday, November 10, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran
I know I'm beyond busy with the laundry list of jobs that make up my status as bread winner for my family. But, I must be living under a rock when I'm not working, hanging with my kiddos, or sleeping, because until yesterday I hadn't ever heard of "Unthink".  Ironically I "heard" about it on Facebook - read about it in a post that someone was setting up a "Like" page at Unthink.  Even more surprising was the way it was "billed" (and seemingly marketed as) --- the "Anti-Facebook".  SERIOUSLY?  I had to google search and read on. And, it is out there in the search engines as "Anti-Facebook".  Am I the only one in the dark, to this step beyond google + to a social network that is all about NOT being Facebook.  Funny - would they exist without their supposed antagonist?  Seems more like a modern day Frie-nemy to me.

Apparently this new social networking platform has already made quite an impression.  Boasting over 100,000 register users, despite initial  traffic and crashing issues. Users set up "suites" which contain both public, professional, and private information. On the net you can find that Alexia’s statistics, which report a 14,800% increase in traffic over the past 7 days alone. (Posted November 1st). Rachael Vicari, Unthink COO, was quoted saying "the company was unprepared for the amount of traffic it saw".

Growth like that is impressive.  I think the numbers will tell more truths when one checks back at the quarterly marks as they project throughout the year.  Unthink has secured 2.5 million in funding from DouglasBay (is a value investor, who claim to see opportunities where others don't). Apparently DouglasBay seems to think Unthink may have what it takes, as they have publicly claims to have a 21% share in the site. 

Has having the confidence to take on Facebook from the get go caused this Tampa based start up to become the next best thing? Or will curiosity of those who are over the Facebook changes and updates simply make them a flash in the pan before returning to the old standard?

So, DRL readers, h
ad you even heard of it or did you read it here first?  
What do you think about Unthink???? 

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  1. YIKES... Ya got crickets Barb!
    I only just heard about it too. LOL