Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Tony Walker

"I'll wait until he says something first."
"Let me check that girl out... that will piss her off!!"
"I'm not going to say a word. He knows what he did."
"You're the one with the problem. Not me."
"I'll go out with my friends then post the photos on Facebook. That will drive him crazy!"
Mind games. Also known as high school type bullshit. I have a confession to make. When I was in my teens & twenties I thought only women played mind games. Now in my forties, I know that both men & women do it.
What is this all about???
Posting pictures of parties on Facebook, knowing that a certain someone is going to see them. Not talking to someone who pissed you off. Saying something insensitive to get a rise out of someone.
What the hell is you with you people who play these games???
Speak your mind damnit!! Say what's on your mind! Don't tell me you don't have a problem with me when you do!!
Speak up!
Man up!
Grow a set of balls!
Tell us what you think. Share with us some of your mind games experiences. We all have at least one.


  1. Seriously love this!! What is with a "man" ( and I use that term loosely here ) that uses the 'silent treatment' as his way of expressing himself in his 50's ?? Really? At what age do "we" become adults? There has to be a point where communication begins, and high school age games end. If you cant speak your mind, openly, and honestly, step out of the dating game. You arent mature enough to play... This requires thinking skills, emotional maturity, and the level of communcation above and beyond Facebook photos, and 'drama'. DRL, I adore you, and your posts like these!!

  2. Ellen, why is it you are so concerned about this "man" in his 50's, to let it bother you so that you even needed to comment about it??? <3 The "dating game" is a game for many, but I don't believe it is a game for one who seeks true(truth) relationships. Drama starts, Ellen should exit.

    Signed - A friend in cold and snowy weather :-)