Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Barbara Ward-Finneran
You never know for certain if trying something new will work out better then what you did prior to the new.  However if you never try something different, if you aren't willing to take a risk, you will certainly never find out.  It involves taking a leap of faith without being certain where you will land.  Or if you will even land on your feet.  In fact there's a good chance you could land on you ass.  Even then, from your bottom the best place to look from there is up.  Perhaps the hardest part is leaving your comfort zone.  That safe place where you have abided... sometimes for far too long.  Does the action of a calculated risk mean you've relinquished some sanity?  Who in their right mind leaves a job in this time of economic hardship to venture out into the unknown?  Naysayers will tell you to stay where you are and wait for a better time or place.  Wait to be really ready. My argument is, that that time may never come.  Perhaps we have to be brave enough to create the time and place. You are never going to be ready. However you can be fearless enough to ignore all that you hear except the voice in your heart that beats in time with the dream.  

Changing course and plotting a new path can be something dangerous to your stability and risky to life as you know it.  Yet, isn't the biggest risk challenging yourself to rise to the occasion?  Sure failure can result, but isn't the biggest failure not trying at all. Accept the fact that what you do could have negative repercussions and bravely move forward knowing that lessons learned will make it all worthwhile.  The "education" of the process will make you better and "smarter" then you are at this very moment. One you convince yourself that the risk is worth the gain,  it'll be easier to listen you your heart say "go for it", even when the mind wants to retreat and remind you that "you have no idea of what you are doing or all this will entail".  
The best ventures need to involve - not necessarily equal parts of passion, sense, dream, apprehension and adventure.  Taking a risk is dangerous, courageous, and maybe even preposterous.  It is also to be celebrated!  Even it terrifies you.  If you aren't at least a little bit scared then you probably aren't vested enough in the desired outcome.  A risk taker must be willing to bet the highest stakes on themselves. Be willing to work hard and put yourself out there... out of the box and out of your comfort zone. Be willing to go BIG or go home.  Willing to close your eyes and make a wish.  Vow all the blood, sweat and tears needed to make it work and take a leap of faith.  I do believe I'm there....


  1. The "perfect" time never happens. There's always another problem, another reason to put it off, another worry you didn't even know to worry about. Sometimes you just have to take plunge! Trust your instincts. Be brave. Be bold.

  2. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic. ~Author Unknown

  3. Thanks for the kind and supportive words!
    Definitely focusing on the possibilities and not the potential pitfalls. If you always do what you always did you'll forever get what you always got. ;)