Wednesday, March 2, 2011


  Dawn & Barbara

We have been bloggin' since February 14, 2011.  We must admit - this whole process has been wicked cool!!! Just sixteen days young and we have exceeded our early expectations!  We have had over 6,400 views from all over the world. We are serious when we say that - and no one was more surprised then the two of us! We are being viewed in some really awesome places!  The comments have been up and increasing each day as well!  Our readership and following is growing stronger and it is both humbling and beyond amazing that sharing our voice and vision has been so well received.

At this time we would also like to thank our fabulous writers, Jillian, Marion, Patty, Tony, Jenn and Michael. You guys have been keeping everyone tuned in and we appreciate all the hard work and endless emails you endure!  We look forward to inviting new writers to submit articles in the near future. Encouraging others to find their "write" way to think, dream, act, endure and share. Also, a nod of KUDOS to our tech/artist friends, Laura, Gary, "Jay" and Janet  - your behind the scenes input and advice have saved us from having to post "technical difficulties, please stand by".  And, we love that you check, notice, and tell us the obvious, like, "It'd be good if the link worked". (Editors Note: Hyperlinks are so easy now! We just might  be dangerous when we really know what we are doing!!! Ha!) 

We will be continuing to add venues to the lounge that will add more diversity and interest. An eatery is in order, as well as a dedicated sports section. And, did you hear that the lounge just might be haunted?!

Many, many thanks to our "fans" & "followers"!  You have made this wild and crazy ride of creating this work in progress --- worth every lost hour of sleep and every very chaotic behind the scenes moment!  (Yes, there are some blog stories there! LOL) Much gratitude to our families and friends for their amazing support and continued encouragement!

It is our hope that you will stay tuned as we help you to carve out and find that happy place to dwell in between being 20-something and practically losing control of your whole life.  We invite you to continue to be at the lounge while you take a breath, while you take it in, and while you wonder what's next. Be with us here. The place to hang... While you survive the storm".

We have already decided that we will be throwing a party when we hit 100,000 where we can CHEERS to never pulling the plug! ;)  "Virtually" everyone's invited!!!  

Again, Many Thanks! XOXOXO,

Dawn & Barbara

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  1. This is very exciting.
    I am so flattered & honored to be a part of this family.
    Plus, any points I can score with Boyle the better!!!

  2. Hmmmmmm........
    I see how this goes.....
    LOL, .........Just Joking

  3. We are very flattered & honored you are a part of this family too!!! +10 points!

  4. WOW! What amazing numbers, and the places we're being read! Truly exciting! Thank you for the opportunity to share on such a fabulous site! Working along side such talented writers, artists and tech people is such a privilege! Can't wait for the 100,000 party!!!

  5. it's gonna be a GREAT party!!!

  6. You gals are ROCKSTARS. Fufilling your dreams. Showing those of us who always teeter on the edge its ok to live really. I'm honored to be a part of this BLOG FEST. And Party when and where give me enough time to get new SHOES!!!!!

  7. Patty...we will have 7,000 by the end of tomorrow. The party will be in no time at all. Translation - START SHOPPING BABY!!!

  8. Congrats to you all on a truly excellent blog spot and some awesome writers!

  9. Thank you all for the very kind words and encouragement! We hope to keep you reading and having fun for a very long time!