Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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Tony Walker

Let me start this one off by saying that I am not trying to piss anyone off with this post. I seriously need to hear from you guys to educate me!

This past weekend I got into some trouble. I run a comedy troupe with a business partner who is a female. She is one of my closest friends. At every show we do I like to take pictures & video then post them on all the usual sites. This past Friday we did a show & there was a picture from it showing two cast members and a bunch of audience members. The audience members were laughing, so I said to myself, "Self, this is a good picture to post because people will see us having a good time." What I failed to notice was that one of the cast members in the photo, a female cast member, had her back to the camera so her ass is in the shot.

Well this cast member freaked. "GET THIS PICTURE OFF FACEBOOK IMMEDIATELY!!" Me being the moron that I am had no clue what her problem was. My business partner had to yell at me like my mother used to when I didn't clean my room. "Maybe you don't get it because you're a guy," was one thing she said a few times. You know what? She's right. I don't get it.

What is with women & the whole "I look fat" thing? In my experience just about every woman I've heard say that is nothing close to fat. The woman in my story is nowhere near fat. The other comment is always, "My ass looks so big." Are we looking at the same ass?? Am I the real life Shallow Hal?? Sorry ladies but I just don't see what the hell you are talking about!! If you're a woman & you've met me chances are I've studied your ass. You look fine!!! 

Help me out here. Comment below & tell me what's going on.
And yes.... I did take the picture off Facebook.

SHE SAID... Via the Ladies of the Lounge
Dawn Said...
There is a code of law when posting a picture of another on Facebook....you MUST get clearance from the person in the picture prior to it going up AND..NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES tag someone...share the picture privately and allow them to tag if they choose. I would like to put this on the record....no one ever better post a picture of my ass anywhere.. thank you :)

Barbara Said...
Very recently feeling more comfortable in my own skin then I have in years - I'm still not ready to have pictures of my far side paraded anywhere.  When you are overweight it's out of the question.  When you slim down - it takes a while for your mind to catch up with the mirror.  if you are blest enough to have dwelled happily in between, there are still issues.  Most women don't see themselves clearly or through the often less condemning, eyes of man. It is easy to be overly critical and lose rationale when it comes to our bodies.  The media bombards us with picture "photoshop" perfect women.  It's hard to measure up to that literally unreal standard. Yet many women feel inadequate or fat if they don't.  Ninety something pounds later - I've learned it's not about the weight or the food, it's about how you feel.  Confidence comes from within.  You have to foster it in yourself.  We all have areas that we'd like to improve - so strive to be healthy and feel better.  Don't beat yourself up in the meantime. Tony... If we are going to try not to beat ourselves up - you certainly can't put salt on the wounds! Posting pics without prior approval is an easy invitation to trouble. 

Jillian Said...
There is an absolute dilemma when it comes to the derriere.  A woman will ask you, "Honey does this make my butt look big?", but we all no there is no safe answer to that question. Apart from a lucky few - photography flatters not the fanny.  Although we ladies strive to be admired and noticed, dare I suggest even, desire a complement about having a "Hot a$$", not many a female would fancy their rear assets "up in lights" on the social media sites.  Study all you want, Tony, (without making an a$$ of yourself, of course) - but steer clear of the freeze frame photography!  That said...... flattery just might get you somewhere.... positive and polite is the way to go, it's a fine line - BEWARE of how you walk it!  Don't be a "guy"!  Be a gentleman!

Marion Said...
Women have been trained from birth to worry about how they look, what they wear, how they smell! Just look at ads and commercials. Men can skip shaving, grow a pot belly and go bald but if a woman puts on 5 pounds, it's grounds for a man to have an affair! If a man goes around in a ripped tshirt, flip flops and messy hair, he's "casual". If a woman does it, she's a slob. That's just the way society sets the bar. And since you state that if a woman has met you, you've already checked out her "posterior", you're one of the ones who make women self conscious about having it plastered on a Facebook page. Sorry Tony, but you're such a man!!!!!

*Jenn Said...
I agree with Tony !!! Unless her butt looked bad .. I don't think anyone has that kind of time to be policing pics. Facebook is meant to fun and interesting . Would everyone be on it all the time , If every picture looked perfect ... I know I would be bored !!!   I post a lot of pictures and from time to time have been asked to take someones down ... Never yelled at though!!!  So, I take it down and move on . Everyone has their own comfort level!! I respect that.  A bad picture of me, reminds me either to go get my hair done, go to the gym, or never leave the house without makeup !! That's me though.......

LADIES....... Now it's your turn!
Kindly comment.  Tony asked for our help, please advise!
Guys, feel free to back a "buddy" up.



  1. I am going to agree with tony on this one . Yes I believe someone can reach out on facebook and ask to have their picture taken down , But for the most part .. THIS IS FACEBOOK !!! I post a lot of pictures . I don't have the time to sit and police them . I believe I use good judgement when posting . Seeing a bad pic of me .. Reminds me .. Either , I need to hit the gym , Get my hair done or never leave the house with out make up . All are .. MY BAD !!! I don't think a freak out is in order .

  2. Yes I am a man who looks at women's butts.
    I DO NOT think that a woman who puts on 5 pounds deserves to be cheated on. I will not be put in that category just because I look at women's butts. I love beautiful women... beautiful women in my book does not mean tons of makeup & looking like a model.
    I didn't judge the woman whose ass was in the picture. No one should be judging me. All I did was ask a question about why women are so nervous about their butts.

  3. OMG!!! Remind me not to be around you two when a camera or Iphone is present!!!

  4. My apologies Tony! You are 100% correct that no one should judge another! I also hate when people stereotype race and religion, so I of all people shouldn't stereotype gender!

  5. I am not making this up....
    This morning someone else asked me to remove a picture where her & I were acting silly.
    Don't worry Boyle... my picture days are over! I've had it!!

  6. Oh........ lol
    Not "winning" at all today, Tony.

    I've posted pictures in at least the upper 100s if not over a 1000 since joining FB. I've only ever been asked to remove 2 pictures. Both under the premise, that, "I'd rather my kids not be on there." Which I totally respected.

    I'm in the middle on this whole debate.
    In my house I post none of my husband without him being cool about it - which again, I respect.

    As for pictures that represent a time and place - My rule is - I play fair. If I'm posting pictures from high school events or parties - I'm right there in the thick of it - giant hair and florescent clothing. I wouldn't post pics of others that didn't equally incriminate myself! It's fun to remember and laugh. That said, always respect a "Take it down!" request.

  7. Actually Dawn, I'm pretty much like a girl when it comes to unflattering pics of me. I untag them; I remove them from my wall; everything short of asking the poster to remove them.

  8. I don't mind people posting pics of my ass :)

  9. I wanna know who "tv" is....
    I wanna marry Jen Tripoldi.

  10. Tony...you can't OUT someone on here ;)

  11. Second editor agrees...... NO OUTING!!! ;)

  12. I know. I was kidding because I know who it is.
    Actually I need to clear something up.
    My business partner didn't like how I described her as "yelling at me like a mother yells at her kid for not cleaning up his room" because that's not how she came across. I was joking & need to make that clear.
    This blog is gonna get me killed!!!

  13. No dying..... it'll effect your fans & clicks!
    Just kidding! ;0