Saturday, March 5, 2011



A fireman is getting increasingly frustrated about the lack of sex he is getting from his wife so he decides to take action.

One day he gets home after work & sits his wife down. "At work we are trained to respond to bells," he tells her. "I want the same thing to happen at home. When I ring the bell once I want you to take off your clothes. When I ring the bell twice I want you to come rushing to the bedroom. When I ring the bell three times I want you to jump onto the bed so we can make love."

To the fireman's dismay, the wife agrees. The next night after they have dinner he rings the bell once. The wife immediately strips. He rings the bell twice. The wife runs to the bedroom. He rings the bell three times. The wife jumps into bed with him & they start making love. Just when the fireman is about to reach the height of passion, the wife grabs the bell & rings it four times. 

The fireman stops & asks, "What are you doing? 

The wife responds, "That's four bells! Four bells mean I need more hose! You're nowhere near the fire!!"


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