Thursday, July 7, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Casey holds hands with Jose Biaz while verdict is read.

The whole state of Florida, in fact, most of the country, waits to learn today if Casey Anthony will be freed to walk out of the Orange County Jail after three years of living behind bars. Judge Belvin Perry will start sentencing proceedings at 9am.
Another topic expected to be discussed by Judge Perry is the conditions under which Casey might be forced to pay back the huge amount of money the state was forced to dole out for her defense.  Many speculate that Casey will be offered a great deal of money for her story to be made into a book or possibly a movie. New figures released Wednesday show Casey Anthony's defense has billed the Justice Administrative Commission $133,905.57. The total costs paid out so far with public funds is $93,917.49. An additional $11,708.61 in billings will not be paid, and $28,279.47 remains unpaid at this time.
 It has been reported that others involved with the case have been approached to appear on TV, give interviews, or provide information regarding the case.
According to the Orlando Sentinel:

Jennifer Ford, Juror #3

“Juror No. 3, a Largo woman named Jennifer Ford, agreed to talk to ABC without compensation, the network said. In an article on the network's website, Ford explained the verdicts left her and other jurors "sick to our stomachs."
"I did not say she was innocent," Ford, a 32-year-old nursing student, reportedly told ABC. "I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be."
Ford did not immediately return calls from the Orlando Sentinel.
Early Wednesday, Perry shredded the notes jurors took in court, according to an affidavit placed in Anthony's court file.
A representative for Juror No. 6 reached out seeking money, according to two national news organizations. The juror won't do anything without compensation, a source with one organization said. A publicist identified by online reports as representing Juror No. 6 also did not return a call from a reporter.”
It was later reported that while Jennifer Ford received no financial compensation for speaking to ABC, she and her family were given a Disney vacation in exchange for her interview.

George and Cindy Anthony leave court after verdict is read.

The question now arises, where will Casey go once she is released? After accusing both parents of lying, George and Lee of molesting her, and George of trying to cover up Caylee’s death, it seems unlikely Casey would be warmly welcomed back home.  As a matter of fact, neither George nor Cindy showed any reaction when the verdict was read. Neither did they attempt to visit or speak to Casey afterwards.

So, many questions remain at the end of this infamous trial. What will be Casey’s sentence? Who will “sell” their stories? And most importantly, will there ever be justice for little Caylee Anthony?  
We may never know what really happened
to little Caylee Marie Anthony

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