Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dawn Boyle
Sickened by the outcome of the Anthony trail and the jury finding her "NOT GUILTY" of the murder of her little girl, I am starting to think there is a pattern. Do we blow these people up, such as OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson or Robert Blake to make their celebrity status enough that we are blinded by their obvious guilt?

I get the reasonable doubt. I understand that the proof has to be provided by the prosecution but how do these people walk? I guarantee if it were you or I on that side of the law we would fry like a egg.

Then I think about the family...George, Cindy and Lee. Will there lives ever be "normal". Casey will go on to make truckloads of cash. I am sure there will be a movie of the week, countless book offerings and a run around the talk show circuit. But what will really become of the father accused of molesting his daughter. The brother who broke down in court talking about how he was left out of major family issues and also a molester? What will come of Cindy, how will their lives be knowing that their little Caylee was murdered and dumped less then fifteen houses away from their own. Will they bring their daughter back into their home? Will they be able to handle the public outcry of injustice for their granddaughter? Will they put up a reward for the capture of the "killer"?

Unfortunately this is not the "must see" crap I usually long to see. It breaks my heart that this little girl was murdered and tossed away. It doesn't matter to me if it was an accident, or a cover up, or a stupid teenager who wanted to party that was the cause of little Caylee's death. In the end there will be another judgement - the fact that whomever did this will have to live with it for the rest of their lives will undoubtedly eat away at their soul. The torture of that is not enough for what has been done to this poor innocent child, but eventually justice will prevail.

I am not sure if Caylee can rest in peace until the truth is told and there is finally justice for CAYLEE!!


  1. Well said Dawn!!!! oxox

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  2. Caylee rests with The Lord... she is at peace, despite what goes on in our world.